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There are approximately 170 restaurants in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. We have listed here only a couple of them, which were recommended by our guests or which we like by ourselves. However, please consider that the question about taste can be interpreted quite differently.

With regards to eating the Americans show a different behavior as for example the Germans. At noon (for lunch) for example they eat only little or just some fast-food. The real meal is dinner which is taken without ruffle in a restaurant. Therefore most of the restaurants are totally full in the evening. Make use of the so called early-bird-offers, which means, that you take your dinner rather early (between 5 and 7 p.m.) and get a good rebate on that. By this the American gastronomy take scare for a better utilization of their restaurants since the main time for dinner is between 7 and 9 p.m.

In an American restaurant it is unusual that you just sit down on any table. Please wait at the entrance until you are assigned to a table. This will happen in a very friendly manner since in the US the guests are still kings.

After the table allocation your waiter will introduce him-/herself and take your orders. Special requests are no problem at all. After the dinner you will be asked if eventually you would like to take home the dishes that you could not eat up in a “doggy-bag”. This is absolutely accepted and practiced by many Americans. By this you safe lunch on the next day. In so called family – restaurants no alcohol is served even any beer. Some of the restaurants are non-smoking; all of them have zones for smokers and non-smokers. In an exalted restaurant it is mandatory to make a reservation by phone. Otherwise it might happen that you do not get a seat at all or that you have to wait for quite some time at the bar for the next free table!


Tip, prices & credit cards

In most of the restaurants in the US you pay a service charge of approximately 15 % on top of your bill, which is usually not included. Waiters get paid very badly in the US and basically are totally depending on the tip. Also you have to consider that about 6 % local tax will be added to the prices that you see in the menu.


Payment in the restaurant

Cash payment: You pay the bill and leave approximately 15 % of the invoice amount as tip on the table.

Credit card: Visa and Euro-MasterCard are accepted nearly everywhere, American Express not always. Either you calculate 15 % of the invoice and add it in the column "Tip" as separate service charge or you pay the tip separately in cash.

To find out if the Tip is included in the prices of the menu do not hesitate to principally ask "Is the Tip included?" – In case you would pay just the bill and the tip was not included you would mulct the waiter of his payment! In case you give less the 15 % you express that you were not pleased with the service, more than 15 % show your satisfaction.


Restaurants in Cape Coral



Neighborhood grill and bar. American sports bar, perfect for families
Address: 2228 Del Prado Blvd. South, Cape Coral Telephone: 458-5155



Wonderful north Italian cuisine
Address: Del Prado Mall, Cape Coral (Corner of Del Prado and Kismet Parkway) Telephone: 772-8000


Bubbas Roadhouse & Salon

Original steakhouse and awesome steaks in an American tavern.
Address: 2121 Pine Island Road Telephone: 282-5520


Del Prado Steak House

Very good steakhouse with an exalted ambience.
Address: 3724 Del Prado Boulevard, Cape Coral Telephone: 549-1300


Hooters of Cape Coral

More than a mouthful…! Chicken, Seafood, Hamburgers and salads.
Address: 3120 Del Prado Boulevard South, Cape Coral Telephone: 945-4700 Web: Hooters Cape Coral


La Villa Gardens

Italian and European specialties.
Address: 4603 SW 16th Place # 11, Cape Coral Telephone: 540-8591


New England Moorings

Seafood at its best. Not so easy to find, but definitely worthwhile!
Address: 1326 SE, 16th Place, near Wal-Mart, Cape Coral Telephone: 772-9900


Rib City

The best spare ribs in Southwest Florida
Address: 4836 Leonard Street, Cape Coral Telephone: 549-7427


Rumrunner’s at Cape Harbor

Seafood with a view to the harbor and the boat-lock.
Address: 5848 Cape Harbor Drive, Cape Coral Telephone: 542-0200
Web: hRum Runners Restaurand Waterfront Dining


Sakura - Japanese Steak House Tepaniaki!

The food is prepared at the table for your eyes to see.
Address: 3034 Del Prado Boulevard South, Cape Coral Telephone: 945-2999


Siam Hut - Thai Restaurant

Very good Thai cuisine.
Address: 4521 Del Prado Boulevard South, Cape Coral Telephone: 945-4247


Super Buffet King

Chinese to yours fill: simple but good and worth it!
Address: 2301 Del Prado Boulevard (Coralwood Mall), Cape Coral Telephone: 573-8777


Restaurants nearby of Cape Coral


Bubble Room

Funny saloon with old sheet-metal-toys located on Captiva Island, slightly more expensive but well worth seeing.
Address: 15001 Captiva Drive, Captiva Island Telephone: 472-5558
Web: Bubble Room Restaurant


Bistro 41

Great steaks and much more.....
Address: 13499 at US 41 in Bell Tower towards airport Fort Myers Telephone: 466-4141


Gramma Dot’s

Quayside bar with just 8 tables, excellent fish dishes and a wonderful scenery.
Address: 634 North Yachtsman Drive, Sanibel Island Telephone: 472-8138



Romantic tavern in the style of Key West with a big roof deck and magnificent views.
Address: 14301 Port Comfort Road (Port Sanibel Marina), Fort Myers Telephone: 489-0770



American Seafood in the ambience of the Caribbean.
Address: 4200 Pine Island Road NW, Matlache Telephone: 239-283-5825


Sandy Hook

Seafood and ribs in the original ambience of the Caribbean
Address: 4875 Pine Island Road NW, Matlacha Telephone: 239-283-0113



Waterfront-Restaurant with live music, just four times a week (Sa. Su. We. Fr.)
Address: 1687 Inlet Drive, North Fort Myers Telephone: 955-7001


The Veranda

Exclusive restaurant (awarded)
Address: 2122 Second Street, Fort Myers Telephone: 332-2065
Web: Veranda Restaurant Ft. Meyers, FL


Fast Food

Of course fast-food is the acme of lunch in the USA. It does not always have to be bad at all, quite the contrary. Here, hamburgers are really tasty. If you would like to go for burgers you definitely should try "Juicy Lucy". Here you can freshly compose the burger by yourself. Whether with double meat or freshly roasted onions, everything is possible. The "Bacon Cheese Burger de Luxe" for example tastes outstandingly. Besides McDonalds (6x) and Burgerking (3x) you will find the following fast food restaurants in Cape Coral – some of them repeatedly, too:


Arby’s Roast Beef

The name is program


Kentucky Fried Chicken

Very fine chicken fast-food


Long John Silver

Fish fast-food chain



American & Italian cuisine, not exactly "fast-food", but just perfect for families with children



Long Baguettes – hot or cold – for "self-assembling".


Sweet Tomato

Huge salad bar & Italian cuisine


Taco Bell

Mexican Fast-Food chain


Wendy’s old fashioned Burgers



Pizza - Home service

In case you are hungry for pizza you can order this by phone, amongst others for example at DOMINOS PIZZA Telephone 945 - 0040 . This is a pizza service with a free house delivery. Just name the size of the pizza; usually a large one is sufficient for 2 - 3 persons. You can select in-between 3 different thickness of pastry, then tell them your desired toppings and in short time the pizza will be delivered.  

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