Shopping facilities in Cape Coral and vicinity  

The area in and around Cape Coral and Ft. Myers is a pure shopping paradise. You can get branded goods extremely low priced, especially in the group of clothes, electronics and shoes. In the following we want to name some shops and give you some tips for your day-to-day or non-day-to-day shopping.



Since Publix is the supermarket closest to you, it is very likely that you shop there quite frequently. You will find five stores in Cape Coral. The closest is just 2 miles away; you just make a left onto Santa Barbara Blvd. towards the North until you reach Veterans Parkway. Here Publix is located within the Midpoint Center. The next one is located at the crossing Cape Coral Pkwy. and Chiquita Blvd., here Publix is embedded into the Camelot Shopping Center. The third is located at the crossing Santa Barbara Blvd. and Pine Island Road in the North of Cape Coral. To get there you simply follow Santa Barbara Blvd. towards the North to its very end. Then you will see the Publix market on your left side. The fourth store is situated right on Cape Coral Pkwy. driving east towards Del Prado Blvd. You will find it immediately when crossing Coronado on your right hand side. The fifth you will find shortly before you reach Wal-Mart on the right side when driving up Del Prado Blvd. coming from Cape Coral Pkwy. in the South.

At Publix you can get any foodstuff, meat and sausages, fruit and vegetables as well as bred, rolls and cakes. If you prefer to have rolls for your breakfast that are quite similar to the ones in Europe, you should ask for "Chicago Hard Rolls" at the bakery counter. All other rolls are very soft and are similar to the bred used for Hamburgers. At Publix in Camelot Shopping Center you also can have your holiday film rolls developed or get prints of any digital media. Compared to European conditions this is quite cheap, and for a small surcharge you will get all prints twice. That will safe you expensive re-orders when returning home.

When you shop at Publix the merchandise will be packed for you at the end of the register’s conveyor.

People who like drinking beer will be surprised about the huge selection of different beers on the shelve. You will also find some of the European brands like Becks, Löwenbräu or Heineken. But in the US not every beer tastes the same as you are used to it. Should you have problems to decide but you also do not want to taste every brand, maybe you give a try to Budweiser (market leader in the US) or Milwaukee’s Best (very good price/performance ratio). In the group of non-alcoholic drinks you can fall back to the brands you know, like Coca Cola or Pepsi. However, please consider that Pepsi is the market leader in the US. That is why most of the restaurants serve Pepsi and not – as common in Europe - Coca Cola. If you wish to drink Coca Cola you have to order Coke Classic. Amongst the mineral waters you will also find Apollinaris and Perrier.

If required, the shopping cart with the purchased goods will be pushed to your car by a friendly helper. This is a special service of Publix. The people doing this get paid by Publix, therefore it is not necessary to tip them.

The slogan of Publix is: WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE

Business hours: Daily from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. / Sunday only till 9 p.m.


WAL-MART 1619 Del Prado Blvd.

This is the biggest supermarket in Cape Coral, it is opened 24 hours 7 days a week. It is nearly impossible to describe the store in this text. Just go there and have a look! Here it is absolute fun to indulge yourself to your own stress to buy. If you should be a fan of music - here you will find inexpensive compact discs.

Wal-Mart has a huge fresh-products counter where you can buy very good salads and chicken for example. At the fish counter you can select from fresh - because alive – lobsters, which will be prepared for you within 15 minutes. Moreover you simply will find everything: clothes, household supplies, leisure products, hobby articles, garden center, do-it-yourself store, toys, deco-articles, electro, electronics and so on.

Driving directions: Make a left onto Santa Barbara Blvd. towards the North until you reach Veterans Parkway, there you make a right and follow Veterans to the East till the exit Del Prado Blvd., here you make a left onto Del Prado Blvd. This is the main shopping street of Cape Coral and you will find more restaurants and shopping centers here.


German Bakery

There is only one German bakery in Cape Coral, the "Old times German Bakery". It opens at 7 a.m. and is closed on Sundays. If you like to eat a more European style bred, you cannot miss it, even when it takes you long to get there. Address: 1507 SE 47th Street / Telephone: 549-5984

Directions: You take Cape Coral Pkwy. To the East until Del Prado Blvd. where you make a left onto it. Then you take the second left, which is SW 47th Street. You will see the bakery after approx. 300 feet on the right side of the road.


Liquor Store

Alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer or beverages with only low content of alcohol can be purchased in any supermarket. However, spirits of any kind you have to purchase in special stores marked Liquor Store. Depending on the exchange rate such spirits still are more expensive than in Europe. The sale of spirits and cigarettes to youngsters is strictly forbidden. In the US you are considered to be an adult only when you have reached the age of 21. Subsequently you will be refused to buy such goods even when you are 20 years old.


Further stores:


EckerdX and Walgreen’s

These shops are comparable with the German drug stores Schlecker, dm or IhrPlatz for example. Here you can find cosmetics, drugstore, film development as well as pharmaceuticals which may be sold without prescription. Such shops are located at Cape Coral Pkwy., Del Prado Blvd. and in many other places.


Mc Crory

Cheap general store

Address: 1004 Cape Coral Pkwy. (Towards toll bridge, on your right hand side)


Post office / mail

You will find a small post office at Cape Coral Pkwy. 1004. Stamps for air mail to Europe (postcard 50 cent, letter 60 cent) can also be purchased in any supermarket. In case you have bought a bunch of stamps you can simply drop your stamped mail in your private mail box at the vacation home, lift up the little flag and the next day the mail man will pick it up on his tour. Should you receive mail for the owner of the house, simply put it aside and hand it over to the property management at the next opportunity. Thank you!!!


Discount coupons

On several occasions, for example in free-of-charge papers, information brochures and restaurants, you will find discount coupons. In the US it is absolutely normal to use such coupons. In one of the drawers of your vacation home you will find dozens of these. Don’t be afraid of cutting and using them! On many opportunities – also on excursions - they will always help you safe some dollars. When you are on your way, please bring such papers and coupons and put them in the respective drawer. The other guests will thank you.


Shopping facilities in the vicinity


EDISON-MALL in Fort Myers

This center is an absolute MUST SEE: It is perfect for a visit during bad weather since its 5 department stores, 135 shops and restaurants are completely under one roof. When looking for fashion and others ladies like to shop BURDINES, a quite exclusive department store. Also the jewelers are not to be underestimated. Gentlemen, hide your credit cards!

Business hours: Daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sundays from 12 p.m. to 5.30. p.m.

The biggest shopping mall in Fort Myers is right at U.S. 41 = Cleveland Avenue.


Flea market in Fort Myers

One day is not enough to browse the 900 shops of “Fleamaster’s Flea market” in Fort Myers. Opened Friday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Address: S.R. 82 (1-1/4 miles west of I-75 (exit 138), Fort Myers) Telephone: (239) 334-700 Further information can be found at: Welcome to Fleamasters Fleamarket


Circuit City

Cater-cornered with Edison-Mall you will find the biggest radio/TV/computer/electronics store. Circuit City offers everything in consumer electronics at super prices!!


Bell-Tower Shops

You will find the department stores SAKS 5th AVENUE and JACOBSEN in the Bell-Tower Shopping Center Address: Corner U.S. 41 / Daniels Road, Fort Myers

Metro Mall U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) No. 13300 in Fort Myers


Royal Palm

Square Corner of Colonial Boulevard and Mc Gregor Boulevard in Fort Myers.


Sanibel Factory Outlet - Stores

This outlet is perfect for spending the rest of a day after a visit to Sanibel or Captiva, the two beautiful islands in the gulf.


Miromar Outlets

In case you want to buy jeans or other casual wear and additionally you are looking for a pair of Reebok or Nike shoes, or if the ladies desire to really browse through Etienne Aigner or DKNY, then you have to go to Miromar Outlets. It is located at Interstate I-75, exit 19 (Corkscrew Road) between Fort Myers and Naples. However, for a visit you should reserve at least half a day. Over 140 Top Designer and Brand Name Outlets Miromar


Waterside Shops & The Village in Naples

These are two more shopping-centers worth a visit. It takes you approx. 45 minutes by car from Cape Coral. The Waterside Shops are at U.S. 41. To go to The Village you have to take Park Shore Drive till you reach Gulf Shore Boulevard North.


Saw grass Mill in Fort Lauderdale

This is the biggest mall throughout Florida; its footprint is a copy of the shape of an alligator. There you will find designer fashion at bottom prices and much much more. If you intend to visit all the shops and boutiques the opening times of a single day will not be sufficient to see it all.  

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