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Fort Myers

Located just opposite of Cape Coral right at the mouth of Caloosahatchee River. Worth a visit is the old historical city center with First Street, which is the old Main Street of the city and of course palm fringed McGregor Boulevard, which gave the surname "City of Palms" to the town. Approximately 20 miles – 30 minutes driving time from our house

Further info: Fort Myers City


Edison & Ford Winter Estates

What would be a vacation in the area of Ft. Myers without stopping at the big inventors?! The winter home of Thomas A. Edison, beautifully situated along the Caloosahatchee River, is one of the greatest historic treasures within Lee County. In 1885, Thomas Edison first visited Florida. He purchased property along the Caloosahatchee River and built a vacation home. The vernacular structure, completed in 1886 and dubbed “Seminole lodge” by the Edisons, served as a winter retreat and work place for the prolific inventor until his death in 1931. From the light bulb to the gramophone, from the speaking doll to Portland-Cement, here all the inventions that bring light into darkness are awaiting you. The lab was preserved exactly like Edison left it: With all his apparatus. But you may also visit his former neighbor Ford, the inventor of the gasoline automobile. Edison’s good friend Henry Ford followed close behind and purchased the neighboring property in 1915. "The Mangoes" was the winter getaway for the Fords. Edison and Ford spent many winters working, talking and even relaxing together in tropical southwest Florida. When you visit "Seminole Lodge" and "The Mangoes" you enter a world unlike any you have ever seen. The furnishings and architecture of these gracious, rambling buildings are reminiscent of a bygone era. The inventive genius of Edison and Ford are evident throughout these 17-acres of riverfront estates.

Address: 2350 McGregor Boulevard, Fort Myers Approximately 10.5 miles – 20 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (239) 334 - 3614
Further info: Edison Ford Winter Estates



A museum especially for children! Learning can be fun for the whole family at the Imaginarium Hands-On Museum. Experience your world. Touch a cloud, feel the force of a hurricane, or run through a thunderstorm! The Imaginarium provides hours of fun and entertainment for the entire family, with over 60 interactive exhibits plus live fish, sharks, turtles, swans, iguanas and live animal programs! Stretch your imagination. Become a TV weatherman in our mini-studio or launch a hot air balloon. Get up close and personal with a moray eel, and marvel at our living coral reef. Who said learning isn't fun?

Address: 2000 Cranford Avenue, Fort Myers Approximately 12 miles – 22 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (239) 337 – 3332
Further info: Imaginarium


Shell Factory

This is "heaven on earth" for all shell-fans. In "Shell Factory" you can gaze a huge number of shells of all different countries, in addition corals ecstasize the eyes of the beholder. Get fascinated by the forms and colors. But also shopping is a lot of fun here: You will find selected presents, collectibles, jewelry and many souvenirs. The highlight of the day however is the water firework, a light- fountain-show accompanied by music that takes place every evening.

Address: 2787 N Tamiami Trail, North Fort Myers. Approximately 12.5 miles – 20 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (239) 995 - 2141
Further info: The Shell Factory Southwest Florida's number 1


Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium

The nature renter and planetarium is a private and nonprofit nature-education-organization. On an area of 105 acres you will find a museum, nature trails, the planetarium, an aviary, souvenir shop and picnic areas. During the visit to the museum the visitor learns all about the history of Florida’s nature. Daily education-programs allow the visitor an up-close and personal contact with the domiciled animals, including snakes, alligators and crocodiles. A huge variety of amphibians and arthropods is also awaiting you. Displays in the museum center deal with the different problems which have an influence on the area, starting from water resources to the distress of the endangered manatees. Last but not least: The stars are always shining in the only planetarium south of Bradenton and west of Miami!

Address: 3450 Ortiz Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33905 Approximately 12.5 miles – 20 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (239) 275 - 3435
Further info: Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium


Ding Darling

You might say what a funny name. The explanation: Jay Norwood, called "Ding" Darling, was a cartoonist for species and environmental protection. The "Darling Wildlife Refuge" is dedicated to him. Rare bird species, saurian and alligators have found their home in this nearly 5000 acre big nature sanctuary. You drive with your own car over a sandy road (5 miles) right through "Ding" Darling and you will be able to take a lot of snapshots.

Address : 1 Wildlife Drive, Sanibel Approximately 20 miles – 40 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (239) 472 - 1100
Further info: Ding Darling Society


Pine Island

This is the island west of Cape Coral with a couple of small pristine villages. Directions: left onto Santa Barbara Boulevard, then left onto Pine Island Road and then straight ahead Approximately 10 miles – 20 minutes driving time from our house

Further info: Discover Pine Island Florida


Cayo Costa and North Captiva

You can reach these islands only by boat, but they offer excellent, nearly untouched shell beaches and dune areas at the gulf side. Directions: Rent a boat and then use map and compass.


Naples Nature Center

Help and care for animals are the most important things in the “Conservancy Rehabilitation Center”. Here people stirringly take care for little and big patients. Not exactly an everyday excursion, but a valuable one in return. Numerous doctors take pains to help birds back on their legs, to guarantee sea turtles a calm incubation and on an artificially installed beach you will learn everything about the marine fauna.

Address: 1450 Merrihue Drive, l4th Ave, North Naples Approximately 44 miles – 60 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone (239) 262 - 0304
Further info: Naples Florida


Theater in Fort Myers

The "Florida Repertory Theater" is the best professional theater in Southwest Florida.

Address: 2267 1st Street, Fort Myers Approximately 12.5 miles – 20 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (239) 332 - 4488
Further info: Florida Repertory Theater



In the past 44 years the "Southwest Florida Symphony" is grown from a little district-orchestra to the only professional orchestra in Southwest Florida. In the meantime the organization can call more than 200 musicians as members, 75 of them as professionals in the orchestra, a 100-voices adult choir, a children choir and the first youth-orchestra in the area.

Address: 8099 College Parkway SW, Fort Myers Approximately 7 miles – 13 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (239) 418-1500
Further info: Southwest Florida Symphony


Babcock Wilderness Adventures

On "Babcock-Ranch" adventurers will find their Eldorado. Here you drive with Swamp-Buggies straight through the wilderness. An insiders’ tip for all who like to move closer together with alligators and Florida-Panthers and like to learn more about flora and fauna. Furthermore you may admire bisons and wild horses, and the guides always have to tell interesting stories and anecdotes.

Address: 8000 State Road 31, Punta Gorda. Approximately 35 miles – 45 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: 1-800-500 5583
Further info: Babcock Wilderness Adventures



Worth a visit is the 1000 feet long pier, Old Marine Market Place and Tin City at Gordon River Bridge, also South 5th Avenue, which is a very elegant shopping street. Approximately 45 miles – 60 minutes driving time from our house

Further info: Naples.com


Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

This park is like an invitation for a promenade through Garden Eden: A 2.25 mile long boardwalk leads you straight through the 20,000 acres big nature-sanctuary. On this boardwalk you stroll right through the nature accompanied by limpkins and other birds. During your stroll you will see rare kinds of trees such as the typical cypress knee. Some of the cypress trees are older than 700 years and reach a height of up to 135 feet. This area is one of the last cypress swamps of Florida which is conserved in its primitive state.

Address: 375 Sanctuary Road, Naples Approximately 50 miles – 75 minutes driving time from our house.
Telephone: (941) 657 - 3771
Further info: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary



No other place combines a subtropical climate, a broad, shallow river, and a stunning diversity of plants and animals into such a complex and fragile ecosystem. No other place is so dramatically defined by annual rhythms of drought and flood, fire and sunshine and torrential rain. Everglades National Park is the largest remaining subtropical wilderness in the United States. Its abundant wildlife includes rare and endangered species, such as the American crocodile, Florida panther, and West Indian manatee. It has been designated an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of International Importance, in recognition of its significance to all the peoples of the world.Everglades City is located at the north western border of the Everglades National Park. From the local visitor’s center you can start natural excursions and boat trips into the Everglades, into the Big Cypress National Preserve as well through the entanglement of islands of the western off-shore Ten Thousand Islands. – Approximately 60 – 120 miles – 1 – 4 hours driving time from our house. Next

Address: Everglades City
Telephone: (239) 695-2591
Further info: Everglades National Park


Seminole Indian Casino

Why not dare to play a game? The "Seminole Indian Casino" grants super - winnings, fun and tension! No matter if Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Bingo or the famous slot machines, here you will find the right attraction for every budget. To avoid that you do forget the fun because of all that thrill, there is a huge live entertainment program every night. Close to your place there is a free shuttle from and to your city. Just call!

Address: 506 South 1st Street, Immokalee Approximately 45 miles – 60 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone (toll free): 1-800 - 218 0007
Further info: Seminole Immokalee Casino


Marco Island

Marco Island is the largest of Florida's Ten Thousand Islands, located on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. It has been described as magical, mystical and alluring. The attractions are its tropical sun-washed white beaches and a casual easy paced life style. Sunshine, frolicking dolphins and all of the water and sun sports that go with the beaches are available for your pleasure. Approximately 60 miles – 75 minutes driving time from our house

Further info: Marco Island Florida


Sarasota Jungle Gardens

"Jungle Gardens" is the excursion tip for alligator-enthusiasts. Here you can take the closest look to the "oldest reptile on earth" (its ancestors lived 200 Mio. years ago!). Here you may admire baby-alligators and the only loose flamingos in Florida live in this jungle-style arranged park. Also the parrots are happy about your visit, and they blithely blabber straight on.

Address: 3701 Bayshore Road 1, Sarasota Approximately 86 miles – 100 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (941) 355-5305
Further info: Sarasota Jungle Gardens


Mote Marine Aquarium

Sharks, rays, morays and sea turtles: In “Mote Marine Aquarium” more than 200 different fishes and other sea life – species are awaiting you. See it, touch it, listen! Here you will be put into the fascinating underwater world, here you can even grab at the fishes, a so called petting basin makes it possible. In the laboratories scientists are unremittingly researching and doing their utmost, to preserve the sea and its residents!

Address: 1600 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota. Approximately 87 miles – 100 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (941) 388 2451
Further info: Mote Marine Aquarium


Ringling - Museum of Art

In the Ringling Museum you may sniff a circus flavor of a very special kind. The king of circus, John Ringling, had made his wintering camp in Sarasota. His 32 room house, built in the style of a Venetian doge palace, will bewitch you with quite a few art treasures, such as tapestries, crystal-candelabras and organs. On the other hand, the circus gallery "tells" us tales of the glamorous days with old wagons, costumes and posters.

Address: 5401 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota. Approximately 88 miles – 100 minutes driving time from our house
Telephone: (941) 359-5700
Further info: The Ringling


Further natural places of interest in short Fort Myers

Manatee World: 90 minute boat trip on the Orange River to observe the loose living manatees.

Address: 5605 Palm Beach Boulevard, Fort Myers
Telephone: (239) 694-4042
Further info: Manatee Facts and Information

Wiggins Pass State Recreation Area : Over boardwalks through the sensitive dune area.

Address: Gulfshore Boulevard North/111th Avenue, Naples
Telephone: (239) 597-6196
Further info: Wiggins Pass State Recreation Area

Clam Pass Beach Park : At Sea Gate Drive between Naples and Vanderbilt Beach

Address: 410 Seagate Drive, Naples
Telephone: (239) 353-0404
Further info: Collier County: Clam Pass Park


Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve with Janes Memorial Scenic Drive (only partially asphalted) north of Everglades City and US 41, with mighty old king palms amongst others, everything free of charge.

Address: Janes Memorial Scenic Drive, Copeland
Telephone: (239) 695-4593
Further info: Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve

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